Club Membership

According to figures contained in the Bowls WA Annual Report 2021, the membership at Kwinana Bowling Club has seen an overall increase of 13 (10 men – 3 Women) since the 2016/17 season. Whilst this is not a large number it is encouraging to see that it is heading in the right direction.


This is held on Wednesday mornings at the bowls club. This small group of members make woollen items such as dolls, bags, blankets and balls for the UTHANDA group who send the items to children in Africa. Our members have been doing this for the last three(3) years. Up to now over 1,000 items of…

Season 2021/22

Pennants are in abeyance for the winter months. The 2021/22 Pennant season will recommence in October. Keep your eyes and ears open for more detail as we draw closer to start date.